First and foremost, summer infant custom fit walk-thru gate is huge. It fits openings that are as large as 141 inches and it stands a total of 32 inches tall.

There are two flexible, hinged, pivot-points on the gate which means that I am able to configure the gate to fit my oddly shaped area. Its super easy to maneuver and create a play area around two or three walls

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Has the ability to be a free-standing play yard in the middle of a room with no walls when two sets are used. In this case, mounting hardware is not needed

Convenient, easy to use, mounting hardware with very simply-to-follow instructions are included. My husband had no problem at all attaching the gate to our walls

From the time the box was dropped at my front door to full installation was only about 15 minutes. This gate is so easy to install. It comes, almost, fully assembled right out of the box

The open and close mechanism is super easy for adult hands to operate using only one hand. However, my super intelligent, 3-year-old nephew is still unable to open the gate without help. This means, none of my little ones can escape.

The style of this gate make it the best baby gate on the market today. Its a very neutral color scheme that goes very well with my homes dcor.

Super soft, fabric-covered panels make this gate soft to my kiddos touch. Therefore, there are no boo-boos from rough, uncomfortable surfaces, and his little hands are happy.

Anchoring the gate to the wall is, completely, optional. It has the ability to stand on it's own. The added benefit, is that you can move it around the house when needed, or even take it outside. Its extremely portable and very light weight.


Although I absolutely love this system and think it's the best baby gate on the market, there are a few drawbacks that I should mention. Keep in mind that I think these are, strictly, minor points of concern and, in no way, deter my 5-star rating of the gate.

The biggest issue I have with this gate is the hardware. It comes with pretty small screws that, in my opinion, are too small to hold the gate securely to the wall. My husband had to go out to buy longer, more durable, screws so that I would feel that the gate was securely fastened to the wall.

Another minor issue, is the hinging system. The majority of the framing on this gate is metal, as it should be for maximum strength and durability. However, the hinges are PLASTIC. I really don't understand why the hinges would be plastic. I foresee, after years of use, folding and unfolding, going in and out of the gate, those plastic hinges may wear out and break. Metal hinges would have solved that problem.

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