ColorSeal 3000

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ColorSeal 3000 is an exciting new technology that offers a one step application of color combined with deep penetrating sealers. ColorSeal 3000 works by forming an extremely thin, hard, scratch and chemical resistant coating at the surface, while other deep penetrating sealers seal the substrate from below. ColorSeal 3000 is the easiest, most vibrant and fastest curing concrete coloring system ever developed. After application, ColorSeal 3000 can usually be opened to foot traffic in less than 2 hours! For sealing and brilliantly coloring broomed concrete, there is nothing better.

ColorSeal 3000 can be used on most porous unsealed surfaces such as concrete, wood, pavers, block, stucco, natural stone and cultured stone. Applications include; Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios, Pre cast & Tilt Up Construction, Swimming Pool decks and Parking Garages. ColorSeal 3000 can also be used for many indoor applications.

ColorSeal 3000 can be used un-tinted as an extremely durable clear satin sheen penetrating sealer or with the Wakefield Color System for deep vibrant colors. The entire Wakefield Color System is UV stable, providing unprecedented protection from the sun’s damaging effects. The Wakefield Color System does not rely on destructive and unpredictable chemical reactions to produce the final colored surface. The Wakefield color concentrate is suspended directly in the host material. The color at that moment is the color it will stay. ColorSeal 3000 has a beautiful warm satin finish and can be top coated with Wakefield TC-One for added gloss, protection, and chemical resistance if needed.

Testing Specifications: Will meet or Exceed:

ASTM E514 – Wind-driven rain resistance, penetration reduction. Result: 88.7% reduction in penetration.

ASTM E514 – Wind-driven rain resistance, leakage reduction. Result: 100% reduction in leakage.