Wakefield Color System

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The InnerSeal Densi-Dye Color System not only brilliantly colors your concrete; it actually prepares the surface for adhesion of the protective top coat. The majority of concrete coating failures are caused by moisture and alkali attack from beneath the coating. InnerSeal Densi-Dye creates a permanent internal barrier, preventing moisture and alkali from reaching the coated surface.

IInnerSeal Densi-Dye is safe, non-toxic and easy to use. InnerSeal Densi-Dye has no odor or dangerous fumes like acetone based dyes, and unlike labor intensive acid stains, requires no rinsing, scrubbing or neutralizing. Use one color or several for a marbled, mottled or faux finish.

The reflective qualities of InnerSeal Densi-Dye system, create colors that are deeper, richer and more vibrant than with any other coloring system. Decorative floors and counter tops colored with the InnerSeal Densi-Dye system instantly have a higher value and an advantage over the competition, as they will be much harder, stronger, scratch resistant and stain resistant than ever before.

InnerSeal Densi-Dye is used with the Wakefield Color System to create its deep vibrant colors. The entire Wakefield Color System is UV stable, providing unprecedented protection from the sun’s damaging effects. The Wakefield Color System does not rely on destructive and unpredictable chemical reactions to produce the final colored surface. The Wakefield color concentrate is suspended directly in the host material. The color at that moment is the color it will stay. A durable clear finish such as Wakefield TC-One is then applied to enhance the color richness and protect the entire surface from physical wear, chemical spills and other damaging effects.