TC-One Single Component Top-coat System

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TC-One Single Component Top-coat System is a revolutionary new UV stable high gloss single component top-coat system for both interior and exterior concrete applications. TC-One provides durability, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and adhesion that rivals even the highest priced two component epoxies. Unlike it’s rival systems, TC-One is a safe, odorless single component product that requires no mixing or measuring and has an extended pot life if kept sealed.

Like all Wakefield sealers, TC-One is 100% compatible with the revolutionary Wakefield Color System! Never before have contractors or distributors been able to offer a premium industrial top-coat in hundreds of colors on demand. By simply adding more or less of the Wakefield Color Concentrate, you can achieve almost any color desired, from translucent to opaque. TC-One, as well as the entire Wakefield Color System is UV stable, providing unprecedented protection from the sun’s damaging effects. TC-One dries crystal clear and will never yellow. With an elongation of over 200% and tensile strength near 5000 psi, TC-One is not only safe and easy to apply, it is one of the toughest and most durable coatings ever developed.

TC-One also has the unique ability to be used immediately over the InnerSeal Densi-Dye system with greatly reduced wait time. The reflective qualities of the InnerSeal Densi-Dye system, combined with the gloss and enhancement of TC-One, creates colors that are deeper, richer and more vibrant than with any other coloring system. TC-One can also be used clear or tinted over many other stains, dyes and epoxies, with proper preparation. Combine TC-One sealer with color, flakes, quartz or anti-skid additives to create endless color and texture combinations.