The Ultimate Brick Sealing System

Let us protect your client’s greatest investment. With over 20 years of experience in restoration, we can help. Wind Driven Rain poses the greatest threat to any Brick Structure.

Once the rain has found its way into the structure massive damage can occur in a very short period of time. We have treated homes with thousands of dollars worth of damage due to moisture related issues.

We know that the brick cannot be water proofed at the factory are at the dealer’s location because the brick could not be attached to the home, So let us help you after the installation.

The Ultimate Brick Sealing System is the application of the Hydro-Top. When Hydro-Top is applied it forms an internal and external moisture vapor barrier. This product is like no other as it has 5 different penetrating products all reacting inside the brick and grout. There is not another Brick Sealing System that offers this much protection. This product never needs to be re-applied for the lifetime of the brick.

Meets ASTM 514 wind driven rain test for stopping moisture penetration. This product allows your brick to breathe. Other products, like acrylics, urethanes and epoxies do not allow your brick to breathe.

Our products are all water based (non-solvent) and work on concrete, travertine, brick, pavers, all stone types, and pool decks. Their unique combination of chemicals are made to last indefinitely. Once applied and cured the combinations do not chip, peel or flake, like acrylics, urethanes or epoxies. Our unique products, once they penetrate the surface, they go through a chemical reaction, that turns into a solid, filling the voids left behind where the water has evaporated during the curing process.

Once the product cures and combines with the brick, it will never come out. In all the applications we have never had to go back and correct any moisture issues.

Many contractors choose to protect the brick structures with a cheap single component silane are a siloxane penetrating sealer. These only offer water resistance and not waterproofing to these structures.

They do not pass the ASTM 514 Wind Driven Rain Test. They also have to be re-applied every 1 to 3 years to offer any protection at all. Even then wind driven rain can penetrate these type of sealers.

Million of square feet of Brick have been installed throughout the world. Fantastic jobs done by expert workers presenting the best look for the public. We take pride in protecting your home from weather and wear. Never worry about what is going on behind your brick, let us put your mind at ease.


Wind driven rain damage through brick exterior. Solar wrap damage and Rotten OSB that has to be replaced and brick re-installed.