Interview with Top Fashion Designer Jian Maverick Lasala (Part 1)

I find interviewing people a worthwhile endeavor. I get to learn from their experiences and be inspired by their success. Plus it's always fun to interview people whose interests like along the same path as yours.

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Blogging and fashion are two of my new found loves. In the interest of fashion I have decided to interview one of the top fashion designers in the Philippines and a good friend of mine, Jian Lasala.

Alex : Hi jian. Its nice talking to you after all these years. Now you're one of the most famous and youngest fashion designers in the Philippines. Actresses and fashion icons have been spotted in your designs. Your clothes have been featured on TV and various magazines. You've come a long way. How do you feel about that?

Jian : I feel happy about it. There's really nothing much to brag. I believe there's still a long way to go. The competition here is tough. Instead of putting it in your head just do your best. Achievements are just icing on the cake for me. It doesn't mean that I'm not thankful for them but I don't base my success on that. I base it on my growth as a designer.

Alex: When did you realize you wanted to be a designer?

Jian : Tagal na. When I was six years old. I think you remember when I'd draw dresses when we we're in grade 2. I copied illustrations from you because you knew how to draw them the right way. I could clearly remember we we're in the corridor and I'd draw dresses and ask you all to vote for the best design.

Alex : Yes. I remember you passing around your designs and we'd all take turns voting for our favorite dress.

Jian : I remember that only Borja was able to attend art school because it was so expensive. We couldn't afford it so we had to make do on our own. My dream of becoming a designer continued when I got to high school and all the more when I went to college. It was in college when my designs became reality.

Alex : How did you get start in this business?

Jian : I've always loved designing. But I got started when I was commissioned to do uniforms when I was in college. And then doors started opening up for me. I was commissioned to design gowns for pageants, do mall shows I had my own business when I was 17. I maintained a shop. I had one master cutter and three sewers.

Alex : It seems like you started really early.

Jian : Yes, I was fortunate enough to get trained by designers even when I was in college.

Alex : How did that happen?

Jian : It started as an accident. I met Protacio Empaces (my mentor) in an event. At thattime he didn't know I was into fashion. A week after, we met again at another event. We started talking and when he learned I liked fashion design he offered to mentor me. It was more of an informal training. It was very fast paced because we went straight to how to develop a collection. Every season he'd ask me to do 40 sketches. It was an introductory course to fashion.

Alex : So you did everything for free?

Jian : Yes, of course. Then after that I interned for Ray Kuan. He taught me how to run a shop. I assisted him on everything and I learned a lot about how to run a business. I was still in school during that time and most of my free time was spent with them.

Alex : Were you able to integrate you passion with your course, Double Major Degree in Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship? After all you did graduate Cum Laude.

Jian: Yes. In my last year in college we made a shirt brand under my leadership, The Maverick. It was sold in Ayala. It did well. After graduation I decided to pursue a career in fashion. But I had to make one big decision.

Want to know what Jian's big decision was? Find out on my next post coming out tomorrow

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