A Stress Free Guide to Bridal Beauty

Looking great for your wedding involves more than picking the perfect dress.Plan ahead so that you can look your best for the big day with this simple, stress-free guide.Planning a wedding can be tough so it is important to take some time off every now and again. Set aside a day of your week when you do something completely unrelated to your wedding. A good time to start this is about sixmonths before the day, as wedding planning starts to get more intense.

Start experimenting with your bridal look long before the wedding day itself. Liaise with your hairdresser or stylist well in advance as you may find something you thought would look great does not quite cut it, while something you never thought of before looks absolutely fabulous.

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Exercise your body. After a few good workouts at the gym you will find that you have more energy, greater strength and you have relieved a lot of the tension that wedding planning can put on to you. Exercising will also help you to lose weight before your wedding should you wish to do so.

A couple of months before your wedding day you will need to liaise with your hairdresser and make-up artist to go through a trail run of your style and look for the wedding day. This is the time to iron out any minor (or major) imperfections. You will need to take along wedding accessories such as your veil, tiara or any floral headwear you will be wearing on the day. This hasobvious importance for your hairdresser but could also have an impact on themake-up you choose.

Make an appointment with your dentist for a scale and polish. This will helpimprove the way your teeth look, ensuring you have the perfect smile for your wedding photos. This should be done about two or three weeks before the day ofyour wedding.

Throughout planning your wedding try to stay off the caffeine. While you may find it handy for late night wedding DIY sessions, it will only serve to tireyou out and dehydrate you in the long run. Take your nutrition very seriously. Particularly try to stay off foods highin fat. The last thing you want is for these to bring out a whole load of spotson your skin in the days running up to your wedding. Go easy on the alcohol at your pre-wedding parties. Alcohol can seriouslydehydrate your body and it's effects show up on your skin in particular. On top of this it can leave you quite bloated and undo many of those gruelling hoursspent in the gym.

In the days running up to your wedding go and have a professional manicure, as everyone will be checking out your wedding ring. This may also be a time to indulge yourself with a massage at a spa to really unwind, relieve some of the stresses of wedding panning, and reward yourself for all your hard work. On your wedding day itself make sure you eat something and keep yourselfproperly hydrated. It is going to be a long day so keep yourself feeling as fitas possible throughout, and above all enjoy yourself.

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