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Concrete, Brick and Stone Sealer
Wakefield Hydro-Top is a premium deep penetrating water repellent sealer for many types of porous construction materials such as concrete, pavers, brick, block, stone, stucco, grout, mortar and cultured, faux or manufactured stone.  HYDRO-TOP works by penetrating deep below the surface and unlike most sealers. HYDRO-TOP does not become slippery when wet. Hydro-Top has a natural matte finish and will never flake, chip or peel.

HYDRO-TOP consistently outperforms all other penetrating sealers on concrete, brick., pavers and stone. HYDRO-TOP can be used alone as a high-performance clear penetrating, or over INNERSEAL-DPS as the second step in the Wakefield Stone Sealing System.

The Ultimate Stone Sealing System!
HYDRO-TOP is the second step in the awesome Wakefield Stone Sealing System. This revolutionary two-step system not only protects, but it also enhances and strengthens your natural, faux or cultured stone, grout and mortar. The Wakefield System is hands down the most effective product available for protecting stone masonry and stopping moisture intrusion that can cause dangerous mold problems within walls.

The first-step in the Wakefield Stone Sealing System is INNERSEAL DPS. INNERSEAL 100% below the surface and becomes part of the stone itself -  not a coating over the top! This allows you to internally seal while gently enhancing the natural colors and variations of your stone. Do not apply INNERSEAL-DPS to brick.  See separate application instructions

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The Wakefield System of coatings will take the place of many concrete stains, sealers, dyes, pigments, acid stains, cure and seals, silanes, siloxanes, acrylics and epoxies. Their advanced penetrating abilities allow these products to internally dye, stain and or seal a concrete floor or aggregate driveway, patio or sidewalk. Wakefield products are also excellent for use on a swimming pool deck, warehouse floor, stone walls, flagstone walkway, cinder block wall, brick wall or chimney.

By combining light fast UV stable color with the ability to waterproof, seal, stop moisture migration, stop alkali attack, prevent paint blistering and peeling, stop efflorescence and reduce corrosion of steel rebar and wire reinforcement in stucco and concrete slabs. With proper preparation and application, Wakefield Products can solve most concrete problems. Contractors find the Wakefield line of products to be the only products they need when Staining, Dyeing, Sealing, Coloring, water proofing and protecting concrete and masonry.