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Application Instructions for INNERSEAL DPS

InnerSeal DPS is a highly advanced professional grade product that is extremely versatile and effective for many different applications. Due to it's versatility the application process varies based on the substrate and intended use.

Please refer to the application instructions below that correspond to your particular project.
If you have a unique project or any questions about the application of InnerSeal DPS or any Wakefield product, contact Wakefield Mfg. for additional information and support.
Interior Flooring Instructions
Exterior Concrete Application Instructions
Natural Stone Application Instructions

When applied correctly over a compatible substrate, InnerSeal DPS permanent sealer can be used on both interior concrete and exterior concrete. InnerSeal DPS is approved for pre cast construction, tilt up construction, sealing bridges, parking decks & garages. It can also be used for protecting aqua ducts, fish hatcheries, pavers, mortar, block, natural stone and manufactured or cultured stone. The Wakefield System of coatings will take the place of many concrete stains, sealers, dyes and pigments. It's technology also replaces many acid stains, curing agents, cure and seals, silanes, siloxanes, acrylic and epoxy. Their advanced penetrating abilities allow these products to internally stain and or seal a concrete floor, driveway, patio, sidewalk, concrete countertop or swimming pool deck. Wakefield products are all that contractors need for sealing a warehouse floor, stone wall, flagstone walkway, cinder block walls, stucco wall, brick wall, or chimney.

By combining light fast UV stable color with the ability to waterproof, seal, stop moisture migration under adhesives, stop alkali attack, prevent paint blistering and peeling, stop efflorescence, cracking, spalling, dusting, sweating, scaling, leaching, and reduce corrosion of steel wire and rebar reinforcement in concrete slabs and floors. With proper preparation, possibly including; diamond grinding, polishing, shot blasting, pressure washing, pressure cleaning, degreasing, stripping and caulking. With proper preparation and application, Wakefield Products can solve most concrete problems.